We help you take advantage of the latest discoveries in the field extending life and improving its quality.
We are developing a digital medical assistant, so that you can
manage your health and feel the value of every day.
We combine the knowledge of leading scientists and technologies of artificial intelligence in your personal life extension plan.
About Theranostics project
6 years of hard work
Reviewed all available studies
relevant to prolonging human life
For the first time, we collected all the information about a possible solution to the problems of age-related diseases
Collected innovative therapies that have not yet been included in the general practice
Formed criteria for the search and evaluation of life extension methods
Preparation of a pilot
clinical study of rejuvenation therapies
Development of an
algorithm for assessing the risks of diseases
Creation of a prototype of the Theranostics of
Aging expert system
Web service development
Q4: web service release
III quarter: aggregator honey. services. IV quarter: mobile
Health tracker
Our advantages
You save time - you quickly get information about your
health without visiting a series of doctors and hospitals.
You save money - get a rational examination without overdiagnosis, without prescribing drugs with unproven
You improve health - through safe, effective and scientifically proven methods for increasing life expectancy.
Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics, member of the European human genetics associations
Evgeny Veshchev
Alexander Karasev
Daniel Bozhin
Daniel Rachich
Victoria Kochergina
Co-founder, Research Analyst, Data Scientist
Marketing Communications Specialist
Front developer
Senior Developer, DevOPS, Architect
Co-founder, CEO
Experts and team
Alexey Moskalev
Stanislav Polozov
Igor Goncharov
Anna Belyaeva
Roman Buzunov
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Gerontologist
Molecular biologist, biohacker
Endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences, member of the European
associations of endocrinologists
Cardiologist, therapist, arrhythmologist
Somnologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
Bioinformatician, biogerontologist
Project philosophy
We are building a bridge between cutting-edge science and clinical practice. Our project makes knowledge about the latest scientific achievements available to doctors, scientists, all members of the community.

We believe that one day humanity will overcome aging finally.
We use all the achievements of mankind to celebrate this long-awaited day together.
About the principles of our work
Treatment according to the standard, taking into account cost-effectiveness expenditure of health system resources is not responsible the challenges of the time and the interests of the patient.

Qualified physician interested in maintaining a high the quality of their work, can already now change the template approach to the principles of 5P-medicine.
However, even such a model of “medicine of the future” does not take into account all opportunities for scientific and practical activities. Using the experience obtained in scientific research and clinical practice, we developed new 5P principles. Our application concept high-tech methods of treatment and prevention age-related diseases, including aging, for the first time forms the anti-age industry standards.
There is too much information about health, but to understand it
and it is not easy even for a specialist to separate truth from fiction. We teach methods of evidence-based medicine and talk about modern scientific approaches in the treatment of diseases and prolongation life. Using rational thinking techniques in context analysis of medical information.
Modern anti-age medicine is based on dubious, not tested on humans niyakh. Of the 250 funds that extended animal life, in clinical practice can only be used units. Contrary to the established order of things, we work only with methods of life extension, the effectiveness of which proven in humans in randomized controlled research. Each block of information within the service accompanied by a reference to a scientific study. All data open for independent study.
At the moment, preventing diseases before they appear is the most efficient way to prolong life. In the evidence medicine is well developed methods of preventing future diseases and individual approach. In Theranostics we also use various SCORE type risk scales to predict and prevent future risks in healthy people.
Among all life extension methods, we select only those that match your health. For the most part people acquire the same diseases, but our health indicators in aggregates have unique features. Like a handprint
bodily "imprint" is unique. Hundreds intertwine in us unique characteristics: from genetics to everyday habits. Only given this information, you can draw your own path through the risks of ill health.
Often people after 40 years of age have a feeling of slow extinction of life. Theranostics at any age gives feel that life continues with a new wave. Theranostics community motivates and orients to preserve health in the present. We work individually with each client and help to implement methods of increasing life expectancy into a daily schedule.
19% of Theranostics users are doctors
Modern physicians of evidence-based medicine were the first to began using the Theranostics Plan to control his own health, and then to work with patients. Since 2015 More than 1,000 people use Theranostics.
Evidence-based medicine doctor
does not use outdated practices and old recommendations, which do not change for ten years;
guided by the interests of the patient, not pharmaceutical companies.
recommends therapies and medicines that have been
clinical trials and have irrefutable evidence of their
provides the patient with links to studies of prescribed drugs and therapies that confirm their effectiveness;
Evidence-based medicine practitioners use practice of modern scientific research. On such Theranostics algorithms also work in research. Every doctor working with the service, passes a complex 5-level selection. From hundreds of applications to cooperation with the service and our users reach units. They have a tight record, but for Theranostics users always have time. We are proud the level of specialists who work with Theranostics and are ready recommend them.
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